Fugers Food Group BV

Fugers Food Group (FFG) was established in May 2011. The staff, from management to production employee, has since then ensured that the organisation runs smoothly every single day. We continuously strive to optimise our processes and services, and the products are further developed and refined in consultation with our customers.

Growing business

In just a few years, we have grown into a company that serves a large part of the Dutch market and as much as 60% of the German retail market. And with the arrival of new clients in France, Denmark and Russia, the end of this growth is not yet in sight.

Our team

We work with an enthusiastic and motivated team of our own people, supplemented by a flexible group of part-time production workers. This way we can readily take on both small and larger orders. All of our employees are professional and experienced, and able to ensure the quality we deliver every day.