Every day we strive towards quality in all facets of our business. It is not just about selecting top quality raw materials, but also the optimal quality of the production line and customer-oriented services.

Top quality raw materials

The main ingredients of each pizza baguette that leaves our factory are: bread, sauce, vegetables, meat or fish and cheese. We look for the best supplier for each ingredient. This way, we ensure that our products have the best possible taste. A part of our product range has received a quality certificate from the German Agricultural Society (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft, DLG). Every year this organisation inspects foodstuffs based on appearance, aroma, taste and composition. The initiative for this annual inspection comes from the retailer.

Product quality

To achieve a high product quality, we have an annual certification process in place at Fugers Food Group. It concerns the following food safety standards:

Additionally, traceability is an important part of our production process. This means that it is possible to track a product’s history throughout the entire production chain. For example, the origin of the raw materials, the time of processing and information about storage, transportation and sales. The traceability of products increases the reliability and level of service.

Quality control

Product quality is a high priority at FFG. The QC (Quality Control) is responsible for all document flows, hygiene in the workplace and internal quality control. QC also performs inspections of incoming goods, including packaging and raw materials.

There is also a focus on Quality Assurance (QA). QA supervises the certification processes, conducts internal audits and handles complaints. In addition, QA handles the printing of packaging (including recipes) in accordance with legal guidelines. FFG is constantly looking for improvement of product and process. All these efforts are made to produce a tasty and food safety product for you.